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Getting Started

First thing is to download the most recent build of Trepidation and get it installed on your system.

For windows, we provide an installer that will install the game and create shortcuts for you. For Linux we provide a self-extracting archive that will extract all of the game files in a folder called trepidation.

There are 2 binaries for each platform, one is the dedicated server and the other is the game client. The game client is named trepidation.x86(.exe). For linux we are providing both 64bit and 32bit binaries. For windows we are only building 32 bit binaries which should run fine on 64-bit machines.

Once you have downloaded Trepidation one of the first things you will want to check is your video and network settings and make sure they fit your system. From the main menu go to: SETUP->SYSTEM->GRAPHICS and SETUP->SYSTEM->NETWORK respectively. You’ll likely want to run through all of the settings and controls to make sure they meet your needs.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the game by playing offline to begin with. Otherwise your ready to find a server to play on. When selecting online play you may find no servers displaying, be sure the SERVERS setting on the server browser is set to INTERNET, sometimes this defaults to LOCAL.

Learn The Game

There are several gametypes to choose from. You can practice and play via the single player menu or find a server to play on. Below is a list of how to play the various gametypes.

Tweak Some Stuff

Right off, you'll likely want to make some tweaks that may not be apparent in the game options screen. Here are some helpful tips and resources.

Run A Server!

At the present time, the Trepidation team is only releasing development builds and daily snapshots. The planned features here refer to the next development build.

The idea to have set development build releases is to minimize the fragmentation of servers running. Servers should only be running Development Build Releases. Typically all official servers will be running the Development Build, in order to prevent fragmentation, we highly recommend not to run public servers that allow downloads with a snapshot, please stick with the dev build OR turn your server downloads off.

Tutorials And Resources