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Here is a good start to tweaking your config in game. (This is written for people with a decent connection ie: cable/dsl)

The first thing to do is make a backup of you trep0config.cfg /writeconfig backup --- this will make a backup of your config named backup.cfg

If you find that you don't like what you have changed you can change it back by: /exec backup (you may need to do a /vid_restart for all the setting to take place)

  • tip when in the console you can hit any letter then use the tab key and it will show you the available commands and you can also use it as a auto complete!
Network tweaks 
/snaps 40 
/rate 25000
/cl_maxpackets 40-120
/cl_packetdup 0 
/cg_deferPlayers 1 

About cl_maxpackets I find that I do better with a high maxpackets when I using the machine gun and rocket launcher but it seems to throw off your rail gun, so if you are a rail gun user keep it towards the low end and play with this setting!

Frame Rate Tweaks

Sometimes r_finish 1 will make the gpu finish every frame. This sounds normal but sometimes it will half or worse. This cvar is enabled by default. NOTE: Setting this to 0 can cause weird input lag on certain gfx cards.

In the games menu under settings/game options

-I turn on Simple Items (this makes the weapons, health and armor to be 2d instead of 3d) -I turn off Marks on Walls -I turn off Ejecting Brass -I turn off Dynamic Lights -I keep on Identify Target (you need to know who you are killing!) -I keep Sync Every Frame (I seem to aim better with it on but it does cost FPS) -I turn off Force Player Models (this makes everyone have the same model as you when it is on)

/cg_drawfps 1

this displays your frames per second up in the right top corner 1 means on 0 means off

/cg_drawtimer 1

this displays the time that the match has been running and you can use this to time when the quad comes out

/com_maxfps 120 

this will set your maximum frame rate and will really help your jumps and strafing

/cg_gibs 0 

this turns off the flying body parts when you kill someone which makes it hard to see and lowers your fps

/com_blood 0 

turns off blood which again makes it hard to see when fighting and lowers fps

/cg_bobroll 0
/cg_bobpitch 0 

these will take some of the motion out of running and help

/cg_runroll 0 

your fps slightly and help your aim slightly

/cg_runpitch 0 
/r_fastsky 1

takes away the sky overhead


ok, this one can really help fps but also make the game ugly as hell, 0 is the best quality and 1 is the default setting this adjusts the texture quality, sometimes when there is alot of people on the server I will run it at 4 or 5. (you will need to do a \vid_resart to see the changes made) There is talk about making this command cheat protected on the open arena forums.

Brightness tweaks

(so you can see people standing in the corners trying to kill you!)

/r_ignorehwgamma 0 

this is to ignore hardware gamma

/r_gamma 1.5 

this can saturate your screen try different values and see what you like and you can use settings like 1.5

/seta r_mapOverbrightBits 5 this really takes out the shadows and dark corners

General tweaks

/com_hunkmegs 256 
/com_zonemegs 48

this sets aside a chunk of memory for the maps to load

These are the tweaks that I feel are important and use, there are many guides out there to use, but this is a good start. I will be adding to this as I think of other things to add. If anyone has any comments or see something that I have missed please leave a comment and I will add it or discuss why I don't use it or use it. There is a ton more settings to adjust these are some of my favorites. -- Blaster