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Sample Configuration Files

A few server configuration files are included. You can start the dedicated server by clicking on the DED-SERVER.BAT file created on the desktop on windows or the file on linux.

You can modify one of the server configuration files located in the ‘base’ folder to meet your needs.

The following server configurations are also included:

  • ffa.cfg – FFA Gameplay 10 minutes 40 fraglimit.
  • ctf.cfg – All Weapons CTF, Timelimit 15 minutes, capturelimit 10
  • ctfinstagib.cfg – Instagib CTF, Timelimit 15 Minutes, capturelimit 10.
  • server.cfg – Rotates through all the mods.
  • arsenal.cfg – Runs the Arsenal gametype.
  • survival.cfg – Rotates Instagib and All Weapons Last Man Standing Maps
  • one4all.cfg – One4all Gameplayer 10 minutes, 40 fraglimit.
  • trep-server.cfg – Trepidation (g_gamemode 3) Gametype config.

Trepidation Server CVARS

Trepidation utilizes most standard quake 3 cvars, of which you can find a pretty extensive list here: (need link)

In addition Trepidation has a whole set of it’s own CVARs listed below: g_MultiJumps # - This enables multijumping, you can set this to how many times you can multijump. 0 for off. Multijumping is the ability to jump again while in mid air.

g_suddendeath 0-off/1-on : Enable or disable sudden death mode, whereas when teams are tied, the game will not end until the tie is broken.

g_instagib 0-off/1-on : Instagib one shot kill game mode.

g_Turrets 0-off/1-on : Disables/Enables the ability to build turrets on CTF games.

g_MaxTurrets : Set the maximum number of turrets allowed per team on CTF Games.

g_pointrebuild 0-off/1-onn : in the trepidation gametype, set to 1, will force both teams to rebuild power cores and all buildables after a point is made. This defaults to 1


  • 0 – None
  • 1 – Arsenal (must use g_gametype 0)
  • 2 – Survival
  • 3 – Trepidation (must use g_gametype 3)
  • 4 – One4All

g_GrappleMode – Changes how the grapple acts.

  • 0 – Grapple acts normal, latching onto a wall will propel you towards and object.
  • 1 – Aside from acting normal the grapple can be used as an instagib weapon.

g_allowGrapple 0-off/1-on Enable or Disable the offhand grapple.

g_PCTeamkills – 1 = Can Destroy Your Own Power Core // 2 = You cannot destroy your own Power core

g_mulitjump – xxx Not Yet Implemented

g_allowDevastator - 0-disable/1-enabled (default is 1). Setting to 0 will disable the Devastator on levels and replace Devastator weapon and ammo pickups with the singularity cannon.

g_randommap 0-off/1-on – This ignores the traditional map rotation and selects a random map from a list of maps pulled from a file specified in g_mapfile. You can use “randmap” in your configuration or in the console to select a random map.

g_mapfile “filename” – This is used in conjunction with g_randommap. This is a text file with one map name per line (no .pk3). This file should be places in your base directory and contain one map per line.

g_AutoChangeMap 1 - On | 0 Off This will force a server with bots enabled to the nextmap when a round is finished if there are no human players on the map. This way a server doesn't sit on the scoreboard for an unpopular map for too long.

g_easymap 1 - on | 0 off This will read the mapfile specified in g_mapfile and sequentially rotate the maps based on the maps and order of this file.

g_RegenHealth 1 - On | 0 Off - If enabled health will be auto-regenerative. Meaning that you are given 1 health every second.

g_RegenAmmo 1 - On | 0 Off - If enabled ammo will be auto-regenerative. Meaning that you are given 1 ammo every second.

The following CVARs designate what weapons are available on each map if you turn the Flame Thrower off, the Flame Thrower will no longer spawn on maps which contain it. In the Arsenal game mode these are used to specify the weapons each player is given in their arsenal. In the Last Man Standing game mode these are used to determine which weapons can be randomly handed out at the beginning of each round

g_StartGauntlet 0-off/1 on

g_StartMG 0-off/1 on

g_StartSG 0-off/1 on

g_StartGauss 0-off/1 on

g_StartFlame 0-off/1 on

g_StartPlasma 0-off/1 on

g_StartSing 0-off/1 on

g_StartBFG 0-off/1 on

g_StartRandom 0-off/1-on In Arsenal, if you want the server to automatically select a combination of weapons you can use g_StartRandom g_StartRandom 0-off/1 on

g_NumRounds # - Used in Survival to specify how many rounds should be played per match. Default is 0.

trep_debug - Developer Debug Flag, can cause crashes if not set to 0

Trepidation Console Commands

Trepidation uses many of the same console commands as quake 3, in addition we have added the following

balanceteams Balances teams if they are uneven.

punish <name/#> Immobilizes said player, doing it a second time frees them.

easymap Goes to the next map specified in g_mapfile.

randmap Picks a random map specified in g_mapfile.

drop drop current weapon or flag.

Engine CVARS

The following is a list of new engine cvars and commands provided by the IOQ3 engine.


cl_autoRecordDemo - record a new demo on each map change cl_aviFrameRate - the framerate to use when capturing video cl_aviMotionJpeg -use the mjpeg codec when capturing video


s_useOpenAL - use the OpenAL sound backend if available.

s_alPrecache - cache OpenAL sounds before use.

s_alGain - cache OpenAL sounds before use.

s_alSources - the total number of sources (memory) toallocate.

s_alDopplerFactor - the value passed to alDopplerFactor.

s_alDopplerSpeed - the value passed to alDopplerVelocity.

s_alMinDistance - the value of AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE for each source.

s_alRolloff - the value of AL_ROLLOFF_FACTOR for each source.

s_alMaxSpeakerDistance - ET_SPEAKERS beyond this distance are culled.

s_alDriver - which OpenAL library to use.

s_sdlBits - SDL bit resolution.

s_sdlSpeed - SDL sample rate.

s_sdlChannels - SDL number of channels.

s_sdlDevSamps - SDL DMA buffer size override.

s_sdlMixSamps - SDL mix buffer size override.


ttycon_ansicolor - enable use of ANSI escape codes in the tty.

r_GLlibCoolDownMsec - wait for some milliseconds to close GL library.

com_altivec - enable use of altivec on PowerPC systems.

s_backend - read only, indicates the current sound backend.

in_shiftedKeys - non-SDL Linux only; enables binding to shifted keys.

in_joystickNo - SDL only; select which joystick to use.

cl_multiuser - When set to 1, On Windows, all user specific files such as autogenerated configuration, demos, videos, screenshots, and autodownloaded pk3s are now saved in a directory specific to the user who is running Trepidation. On NT-based such as Windows XP, this is usually a directory named: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Quake3\ Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME will use a directory like: “C:\Windows\Application Data\Quake3″.

sv_dlURL - sv_dlURL is the base of the URL that contains your custom .pk3 files the client will append both fs_game and the filename to the end of this value. For example, if you have sv_dlURL set to “”, fs_game is “baseq3″, and the client is missing “test.pk3″, it will attempt to download from the URL “″

cl_consoleHistory - read only, stores the console history.

cl_platformSensitivity - read only, indicates the mouse input scaling.

r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropi - anisotropic texture filtering.

Console Commands From Original Q3

bind - assign a key to command(s).

bindlist - list all currently bound keys.

centerview - quickly move current view to the center of screen.


messagemode - send a message to everyone.

messagemode2 - send a message to teammates.



unbind - remove a binding for a key.

unbindall - remove all bindings.


imagelist - list currently open images (textures).

midiinfo - information about MIDI music system.

modelist - list of accessable screen resolutions.

modellist - list of currently open player models.

scanservers - scan the local network for servers.


serverinfo - information about local server.

shaderlist - list of currently open shaders (light effects).

skinlist - list of currently open skins.

soundinfo - information about sound system.

soundlist - list of currently open sound files.

status - status of currently connected server.


userinfo - information about player (you!).





play [file] - play [file] sound.

snd_restart - restart sound system.



record - record a demo.

stopdemo - stop recording demo.

demo - play recorded demo.



serverstop - stop server.

connect - connect to a server.

kick - kick a user.

serverlist - search for local servers.

disconnect - disconnect from the current server.


devmap - start a listen server with cheats and other development features enabled.

Miscallaneous Console Commands: cg_thirdperson 1 - third-person view (Tomb Raider-style), you must be in "devmap" mode.




clear - clear the console.


condump - save console text to a file.




dir - list files in a directory.















screenshot - save a screenshot.

set - set a variable.











New commands video [filename] - start video capture (use with demo command). stopvideo - stop video capture.

Control Setup

Trepidation Specific

build_menu - build menu

+button3 - Energy Grapple

+button5 - Secondary attack

+scanner - Radar on/of

+voiprecord - Voice on/off

pdg - Particle displacement grenade transport.












































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