FPS Cycle Script

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some maps you may not offer you the FPS you need or are comfortable with. If you read the article about Why FPS affects jumping this script may come in handy. This simple script allows you to switch from 43 fps to 76 fps with a single keystroke (for those maps you still want to jump high but the map is a FPS hog). Of course you may want to adjust the FPS settings to best suite your machine.

This simple script binds the HOME key to switch between 76 FPS and 43 FPS. Of course earlier in my config file I have 76 Preset. I usually only switch to 43 if the server is acting shakey and not giving me a good framerate or the map is an FPS Hog.

// FPS Toggle 
bind "home" "vstr fps01" 
set fps00 "set com_maxfps 76;bind home vstr fps01" 
set fps01 "set com_maxfps 43;bind home vstr fps00"