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This is a sample server configuration for a standard free for all server. Several example server configuration files are included with the game located in the base folder. You can start the dedicated server by clicking on the DED-SERVER.BAT file created on the desktop on windows or the file on linux.

You can modify one of the server configuration files located in the ‘base’ folder to meet your needs.

The following samples are included:

  • ffa.cfg – FFA Gameplay 10 minutes 40 fraglimit.
  • ctf.cfg – All Weapons CTF, Timelimit 15 minutes, capturelimit 10
  • ctfinstagib.cfg – Instagib CTF, Timelimit 15 Minutes, capturelimit 10.
  • server.cfg – Rotates through all the mods.
  • arsenal.cfg – Runs the Arsenal gametype.
  • survival.cfg – Rotates Instagib and All Weapons Last Man Standing Maps
  • trep-server.cfg – Trepidation (g_gamemode 3) Gametype config.

// Trepidation Server Configuration
// Free For All
seta sv_pure "0" // For Dev Purposes We'll Turn This Off

// Number Of Players
set sv_maxclients 10
seta g_maxGameClients "10"
seta g_minGameClients "1"

// Hostname Info
set sv_hostname "Trepidation: Free For All"
set g_motd "Visit us at"

// RCON Password
seta sv_privatePassword "none"
seta rconPassword "trep"
seta g_refpass "none"
seta g_password "none"

// Register server with master server lists -
seta sv_master1  ""
seta sv_master2  ""
seta sv_master3  ""
seta sv_master4  "" 
seta sv_master5  "" 

// Game Type Information
// And Rules
seta fraglimit "40"
seta timelimit "10"
seta capturelimit "10"
seta g_gametype "0"
seta g_GameMode "0"
seta g_speed "325"

// Server Information

set g_forcerespawn 15
seta sv_privateClients "0"
seta g_respawnInvulnerability "3"
seta g_respawnInterval "5"
seta sv_maxPing "0"
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta sv_maxRate "20000"
seta sv_fps "20"
seta sv_reconnectlimit "8"
seta sv_zombietime "30"
seta g_warmup "25"
seta g_inactivity "320"
seta sv_timeout "200"
seta g_allowvote "1"
sets sv_dlURL ""
seta sv_allowDownload "1"
seta sv_allowAnonymous "1"
seta g_doWarmup "1"
seta sv_floodProtect "1"
seta g_friendlyfire "0"
seta g_teamForceBalance "1"
seta g_teamAutoJoin "1"
seta g_synchronousclients "0"
seta g_adaptrespawn "0"
seta g_smoothClients "0"
seta sv_padPackets "0"
seta sv_lanForceRate "1"
seta sv_strictAuth "0"

seta g_weaponrespawn 1

// Map Rotation
// Map Rotation
set p1 "map ctf_trepxus;set nextmap vstr p2"
set p2 "map area52;set nextmap vstr p3"
set p3 "map ctf_opposingforts;set nextmap vstr p4"
set p4 "map dread;set nextmap vstr p5"
set p5 "map oa_rpg3dm2;set nextmap vstr p6"
set p6 "map ctf_junction;set nextmap vstr p7"
set p7 "map outpost; set nextmap vstr p8"
set p8 "map dystopia; set nextmap vstr p9"
set p9 "map hangar19; set nextmap vstr p10"
set p10 "map ctf_conflictzone; set nextmap vstr p11"
set p11 "map citadel; set nextmap vstr p12"
set p12 "map ctf_aversion; set nextmap vstr p13"
set p13 "map ctf_battlefield; set nextmap vstr p14"
set p14 "map ctf_pyramide; set nextmap vstr p15"
set p15 "map ctf_pyramide2; set nextmap vstr p16"
set p16 "map trep_war_ring; set nextmap vstr p17"
set p17 "map station144; set nextmap vstr p1"
vstr p1

// Bot Configuration
seta g_spSkill "3"
seta bot_enable "1"
seta bot_minplayers "4"
seta bot_thinktime "0"
seta bot_challenge "0"
seta bot_nochat "0"
seta bot_grapple "0"

writeconfig trepconfig.cfg