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Trepidation Weapons

As Trepidation is a work in progress. Only a handful of weapons have been completed and even fewer original weapon models are in place. The new weapons are listed below.

LFO Rifle (Weapon 2)

The Low Frequency Oscillation Rifle is a standard issue weapon for humans. The weapon is powered by rechargable cells that automatically regenerate. The weapon fires low frequency oscillating pulses at a high rate of fire.

Primary fire fires low frequency oscillating pulses at a high rate of fire.

Alternate Fire fires larger and more powerful low frequency oscillating pulses at a high rate of fire.

Initial Ammo: 50
Max Ammo: 50
Ammo Pickups: 20
Secondary Attack Ammo Usage: 2


Primary fire: Your run of the mill shotgun

Alternate fire: fires a particle displacement grenade (PDG). This weapon fires a projectile. From the time you fire the projectile you have 30 seconds to obtain a lock and use it. A lock is only obtained once the projectile lands and comes to a complete stop. Once a lock is obtained you can then press the PDG key and you transport to the location of the projectile location. The projectile expires when you fire another or after 30 seconds. The 30 seconds begins from the time you fire the projectile. The keybinding is in OPTIONS->CONTROLS->MISC. Be careful though.. If you transport into a wall you may be stuck.

Initial Ammo: 
Max Ammo: 20
Ammo Pickups: 
Secondary Attack Ammo Usage: 12


Functions much like the Quake 3 grenade launcher.

Primary fire bounces for a few seconds before exploding. Alternate Fire explodes on impact.

The alt-fire grenade can be used for rocket jumping style manuevers

Initial Ammo: 10
Max Ammo: 50
Ammo Pickups: 7
Seconary Attack Ammo Usage: 2


The singularity cannon produces an unstable quantum singularity on the fly which is launched causing significant damage as well as a fair amount splash damage. This weapon is powered by Singularity Reactor Rods.

Alternate fire adds a quantum memory to the projectile which can be used to track and lock onto potential targets.

Initial Ammo: 10
Max Ammo: 30
Ammo Pickups: 6
Seconary Attack Ammo Usage: 3


The flame thrower is a brand new weapon that replaces the lighning gun.

Primary fire: of the flame thrower shoots balls of fire.

Alternate Fire: fires more like a conventional flame thrower. That is a single stream of fire. Beware, alt fire uses a lot of ammo and you can easily burn yourself with the flames.

Initial Ammo: 300
Max Ammo: 400
Ammo Pickups: 25
Seconary Attack Ammo Usage: 1 (goes quick tho)

M42 GAUSS RIFLE (Weapon 7)

A coilgun (also known as Gauss gun or Gauss rifle) is a type of cannon that uses a series of electromagnets to accelerate a magnetic shell to very high velocities. Coilguns are often mistakenly called railguns by many sources, and while they are similar in general concept (that is, a magnetic gun), they differ in operation, as a railgun accelerates projectiles down two parallel conducting rails. Coilguns are essentially, identical to mass drivers, though on a smaller scale. ( )

Primary fire is a very focused shot.

Alternate Fire is a powerful zooming scope. .

Initial Ammo: 10
Max Ammo: 50
Ammo Pickups: 10
Seconary Attack Ammo Usage: NA


Primary Fire: Fires a bunch of Frisbees… I’ll figure out the details on explaining this one later.. they are really razor sharp discs. The targeting is incredibly precise as opposed to alternate fire, they fire faster than secondary fire and do not bounce.

Alternate Fire: Fires these same lethal discs that bounce around the environment…

Initial Ammo:
Max Ammo: 
Ammo Pickups:
Secondary Attack Ammo Usage: 12


The devastator is the most powerful weapon available in Trepidation. The devastator fires high energy plasma projectiles. The power behind this weapon causes the projectiles to be very heavy and delivers a huge explosion.

Primary Fire: fires a very powerful, SLOW moving burst, the projectile is affected a bit by gravity. Direct hits are deadly and splash damage is fairly large.

Alternate Fire: is similar to primary fire except the projectile is a lot larger and it will explode twice after a few seconds into a total of 6 projectiles which will cause significant damage to the entire area. It’s good to be far away from the area when this happens. The reload time for alt fire is about 3 1/2 seconds. With the Devastator’s secondary fire, it’s best to aim high and get out of dodge. The Devastator is not practical in enclosed spaces, as anyone within the range of its large explosion will take damage regardless of their amounts of armor and health…

Each time…

Initial Ammo: 6
Max Ammo: 20
Ammo Pickups: 5
Seconary Attack Ammo Usage: 3