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In Arsenal, You start out with an Arsenal of weapons pre-determined by the server admin. unlimited ammo and If you die your weapon is dropped (free for anyone to salvage) and you dont get it back.

The Object, is not to let your arsenal empty out. If you run out of weapons you are out of the game until the next round.

To win, stay alive, and be the last person standing. Things heat up when it gets down to 2 people. When there are only 2 people left Showdown starts, the last stage of the game becomes increasingly difficult as you’ll find that powerups, armor and health become more and more scarce..

If you pickup a weapon that isnt in your arsenal, you can use it until you die, but it doesnt get placed into your arsenal.

Game Tips: pickup every weapon you see, if it’s a weapon you dont have be sure to use it, because if you get killed with it you wont lose a weapon out of your arsenal, as it will give you a longer run.