Control Volume With Your Arrow Keys

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This script uses your right and left arrow keys to adjust the volume and echo’s it in the console.

To use just put in your ‘q3ut4’ folder and then when you are in the game you can just type in the console :

/seta exec sound.cfg

You will be able to use your arrow keys to adjust your volume!!!

set vdn vstr vol00
set vup vstr vol01
set vol00 "set s_volume 0.0;set vdn vstr vol00;set vup vstr vol01;echo Volume |=========="
set vol01 "set s_volume 0.1;set vdn vstr vol00;set vup vstr vol02;echo Volume =|========="
set vol02 "set s_volume 0.2;set vdn vstr vol01;set vup vstr vol03;echo Volume ==|========"
set vol03 "set s_volume 0.3;set vdn vstr vol02;set vup vstr vol04;echo Volume ===|======="
set vol04 "set s_volume 0.4;set vdn vstr vol03;set vup vstr vol05;echo Volume ====|======"
set vol05 "set s_volume 0.5;set vdn vstr vol04;set vup vstr vol06;echo Volume =====|====="
set vol06 "set s_volume 0.6;set vdn vstr vol05;set vup vstr vol07;echo Volume ======|===="
set vol07 "set s_volume 0.7;set vdn vstr vol06;set vup vstr vol08;echo Volume =======|==="
set vol08 "set s_volume 0.8;set vdn vstr vol07;set vup vstr vol09;echo Volume ========|=="
set vol09 "set s_volume 0.9;set vdn vstr vol08;set vup vstr vol10;echo Volume =========|="
set vol10 "set s_volume 1.0;set vdn vstr vol09;set vup vstr vol10;echo Volume ==========|"
bind LEFTARROW "vstr vdn"
bind RIGHTARROW "vstr vup"

Save it to the base folder.