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Trepidation Gametype

NOTE: Please bear with all the place-holder models and the state of this guide. This is a work in progress.

The Trepidation gametype can be set by setting g_gametype 3 (Team Deathmatch) and g_GameMode 3 (Trepidation Gametype). You can also play single player from the single player menu. The trep-server.cfg file in the base folder is a sample server configuration file for the Trepidation game type.

Trepidation is a Team based game where the object is to destroy the other team’s Power Core to make a point for your team. Various defensive structures can be built to protect your base and achieve your goal. While this game employs strategy it is extremely fast paced and teamwork is a must.

Both teams are given 35 seconds to build a power core at the start of each round or after each score. If the team fails to build one, one will be built automatically in a random spot on the map (most likely in a spot difficult to defend). Below explains the various items you can build to help defend your Power Core.

Power Core

Unshielded Powercore (placeholder model)

The power core must be destroyed by weapons fire or other such explosives. Destroying the power core will require multiple hits. When a shield generator is present the power core becomes shielded and will regenerate. 2 shield generators will offer more protection and cause the power core to regenerate to a faster and to a higher level of health. A shielded power core can be taken out without taking out the shield generators however it will take a significant amount of firepower, also so long as the shield generator(s) are operational, the power core’s shield and health will regenerate. Once it has sustained enough fire to take out the shield the shield will not re-activate and regeneration stops, regardless if a shield generator is present.

Shield Generators

Each team can have up to 2 shield generators. The shield generator is used to power shielding on the power core with a regenerative shield. If you have 1 generator, the Power Core will regenerate up until half of the maximum health of the Power Core. 2 Shield generators offer double the protection, offering quicker regeneration and regeneration up to the full amount of maximum health of the power core. If the power core has taken too much damage, the shield generators will offer no additional benefit.

The current models are merely placeholders until the game media has been completed.


Immobilizers are defensive devices that emit an immobilization field that causes foes to lose the ability to move. While it is possible to break free from an immobilizer field it can prove difficult. Immobilizers are best used in conjunction with turrets, as the immobilizer will render the enemy immobile, the turret will finish the job. Immobilizers can be destroyed quite easily and work best when well concealed, unfortunately immobilizers are line of site devices, which means a clear path needs to be established between the enemy and the immobilizer


A limited number of turrets can be created to help protect your Power Core and shield generators. Turrets will seek and fire upon any enemy within the turret’s range. Turrets are also useful to protect yourself as you make your attempts to destroy the other team's power core. There are 3 types of turrets available throughout the game, better turrets become available as the game progresses. The 3 different types are:


Basic turrets will fire machine gun fire at a target. Basic turrets are the primary turret available at the start of the game. Basic can be shot down fairly easily and cause very little damage.


Shielded turrets are tougher than the basic turret, the turret’s health regenerates and the turret itself is protected by a shield. Eventually with enough damage the shield will drop and the turret’s health will cease to regenerate. Damage caused by this turret is significantly greater than the basic turret.


Cloaked turrets are the most powerful turret in the game. These turrets remain invisible and only appear when a target is in range. Building turrets next to your power core is not recommended as a turret can be destroyed easier than the power core and any splash damage from a turret exploding will cause damage to the power core.