Rotating Say Binds

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Someone asked me a few days ago how to do rotating binds. Where you hit one key and it says multiple things.

Here’s an example:

// Hello Messages "H" Key 
bind "h" "vstr howdy00" 
set howdy00 "say ^5Hello There!;bind h vstr howdy01" 
set howdy01 "say ^5Hi There!;bind h vstr howdy02" 
set howdy02 "say ^5Howdy!;bind h vstr howdy03" 
set howdy03 "say ^5Hey!;bind h vstr howdy04" 
set howdy04 "say ^5Hola!;bind h vstr howdy00" 

This is my hello bind.. binded to my H key. It scrolls through each message then starts over each time you hit the H key.

You’ll occasionally see me switch my name to [EVIL]AdmiralIceyButt in the freeze server.. I also have that binded on a rotating script to my PGUP key:

//Name Bind 
 bind pgup "vstr name00" 
 set name00 "name =EFQ=Shafe;bind pgup vstr name01" 
 set name01 "name Shafe;bind pgup vstr name00" 

This should give you an idea of how to do rotating binds from the 2 examples.