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The following is a list of new engine cvars and commands provided by the IOQ3 engine.

cl_autoRecordDemo record a new demo on each map change
cl_aviFrameRate the framerate to use when capturing video
cl_aviMotionJpeg use the mjpeg codec when capturing video
s_useOpenAL use the OpenAL sound backend if available
s_alPrecache cache OpenAL sounds before use
s_alGain cache OpenAL sounds before use
s_alSources the total number of sources (memory) toallocate
s_alDopplerFactor the value passed to alDopplerFactor
s_alDopplerSpeed the value passed to alDopplerVelocity
s_alMinDistance the value of AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE for each source
s_alRolloff the value of AL_ROLLOFF_FACTOR for each source
s_alMaxSpeakerDistance ET_SPEAKERS beyond this distance are culled
s_alDriver which OpenAL library to use
s_sdlBits SDL bit resolution
s_sdlSpeed SDL sample rate
s_sdlChannels SDL number of channels
s_sdlDevSamps SDL DMA buffer size override
s_sdlMixSamps SDL mix buffer size override
ttycon_ansicolor enable use of ANSI escape codes in the tty
r_GLlibCoolDownMsec wait for some milliseconds to close GL library
com_altivec enable use of altivec on PowerPC systems
s_backend ead only, indicates the current sound backend
in_shiftedKeys non-SDL Linux only; enables binding to shifted keys
in_joystickNo SDL only; select which joystick to use
cl_multiuser When set to 1, On Windows, all user specific files such as autogenerated configuration, demos, videos, screenshots, and autodownloaded pk3s are now saved in a directory specific to the user who is running Trepidation. On NT-based such as Windows XP, this is usually a directory named:

C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Quake3\ Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME will use a directory like:

“C:\Windows\Application Data\Quake3″
sv_dlURL sv_dlURL is the base of the URL that contains your custom .pk3 files the client will append both fs_game and the filename to the end of this value. For example, if you have sv_dlURL set to “”, fs_game is “baseq3″, and the client is missing “test.pk3″, it will attempt to download from the URL “″
cl_consoleHistory ead only, stores the console history
cl_platformSensitivity read only, indicates the mouse input scaling
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropi anisotropic texture filtering
New commands
video [filename] start video capture (use with demo command)
stopvideo stop video capture