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Trepidation Technology

Trepidation uses the IOQ3 Quake 3 Engine. The game code itself uses Quake 3′s 1.32 point release as a foundation as opposed EF. (Just wanted to make that clear). The Trepidation master server code is based on DPMaster a GPL master server for Quake 3 and Dark Places. The Trepidation Project Began April 10th, 2006.

When will trepidation be released?

In short, when it’s done. There’s a lot of work that goes into a project like this and the developers are doing this as a hobby in their spare time, which spare time can be sparse at times. Once we get closer to a release we will be able to give an estimate. Most of the latest and greatest is posted in our Forums.

How Can I Contribute?

This early on in the project we have plenty of needs. First an foremost we need people in all aspects of development. Modeling, Mapping, Programming, Sound, Etc.. Some of the task that currently need to be done are outlined in our issue tracker on our [Github page].

We need test servers. We are looking for people to help host test servers, who can keep the server up to date with the current development builds.

We are in need of MAC OS/X developers to assist in compiling and testing Mac builds of Trepidation.

We are in need of 3d modelers, familiar with modeling in md3 and mdr formats.

We have greatly expanded some of the capabilities provided to mappers, and are looking for mappers for multiplayer maps as well as levels for a single player campaign.

Where can I get the Source Code?

Trepidation is on GitHub. The source code is available via our GitHub page. More information on compiling the engine can be found here.

What has been changed as far as physics?

A Majority of the developers on the project are from the Star Trek Voyager Elite Force community. And many of the physics changes have been geared towards replicating the physics of Elite Force. We reintroduced the max_fps “bug” where certain magic FPS settings allow you to jump higher and move faster. This is explained in detail here. One of the experimental aspects is being able to run/jump up steep slopes. Among other things, you’ll find the game a bit quicker, a bit easier to do trick jumping, fast flag captures, and overall a bit to keep the game fast paced. By default the game is unlagged, however this is an option that can be disabled by the game server administrator.

What are some of the new things available to mappers compared to the Original Quake 3 engine?

A lot of new aspects have been given to mappers in Trepidation. Some examples include ladders, rotating doors (as opposed to sliding doors), breakable items/glass, the ability to specify specific areas of a map that have different speed or gravity than other areas, and more to come. See Level Design / Mapping For Trepidation.

What are the new weapons?

Most weapons are already in place, aside from a replacement for the gauntlet. Trepidation features equivalents to popular weapons from q3/elite force such as the Quake 3 Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and Railgun are all matched with similar weapons. The weapons completed thus far are described in the Trepidation Weapons page. All weapons also have primary and alternate fire modes.

Will I Need To Buy Quake 3/Elite Force to Play Trepidation?

No Trepidation will be a 100% stand alone game, that wont require any other games to play it. Just download and play.

What will Trepidation Run On?

We hope to have a 32 and 64 bit windows releases, as well as linux and MAC builds. The system requirements should be only slightly above those of the original Quake 3 game. The development builds are currently beign built as 32 bit Linux and Windows Builds, if you build a MAC installer, let us know!

How many maps will be included with Trepidation.

That has yet to be decided. A compatibility layer has been written into the game so that most Quake 3 and Elite Force maps will run in trepidation, as well. At the present time we have 21 maps included with the game.

What game types will be included with Trepidation.

The main gametype is named Trepidation. Trepidation is a multiplayer team game, where each team must protect their power core with the aid of defensive structures. Additionally there is Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, One4All, Arsenal and a Last Man Standing game all with an Instagib option. 2-3 additional games are in the works, including Freeze Tag and a single player campaign.

Can I Play it now?

Sure, The development builds are available from our downloads page. These builds should be playable, although they are likely buggy and may have missing game media.