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Trepidation: An Open Source First Person Shooter

After quite a long wait we are happy to announce the release of Trepidation 0.0.26.   Scroll down for a list of new changes to this version.

Want to try it?  Download it here.

  • Trep War Ring Makeover
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Dystopia Makeover
  • Dystopia Makeover
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Trep War Ring 2
  • Dystopia Makeover
  • Dystopia Makeover
  • Dystopia Makeover
  • Dystopia Makeover
  • ctf_pyramide2 makeover


- 21 multiplayer levels (maps).
- Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Map Compatability.
- An original soundtrack featuring 11 original tracks.
- 7 Game Modes.
- In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP)
- All New Weapons
- Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes.
- Build defensive Gun Turrets in capture the flag.
- Random Map Rotations
- New features for Mappers.

- You can now drop weapons.
- 4 new music tracks by DiVinity
- Siginificant Improvements to Trepidation Gametype + Instagib.
- New One 4 All Gametype in Single Player Mode.
- Bots can now, somewhat decently, play the Trepidation gametype.
- Now Compatable with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.
- A few brand new maps.
- Several Maps Revamped
- New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.
- Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.
- Random Map Rotations
- Server admins, setup simple file based map rotations.
- Lots of bugfixes

Detailed Changelog - Most Recent Changes First
- Configuration menu now reflects and functions correctly with modern resolutions.

- New intro video.

- Fixed issue on single player arsenal, that would result if instagib was set to 1.

- New Version of CTF_JUNCTION_2

- ctf_battlefield has had a major facelift.

- Dystopia has had a major facelift.

- Major updates to ctf_trepxus, ctf_pyramid2, ctf_aversion, ctf_battlefield, dystopia

- New Maps: oarpg3dm2_s, dread2 and station145

- Added cl_multiuser for windows users, changing this to 0 will use the base directory for map downloads and configs instead of the appdata folder.

- Bots can no longer pickup flight

- LFO Rifle always starts with 40 ammo now.

- Fix redundant skill levels in bot files

- More tweaks to default video settings

- Corrected default video resolution

- New Map Trep_War_Ring_2

- ctf_pyramide2 has been revised and improved.

- Bot issues on ctf_pyramide2 have been resolved.

- Made error message clearer about version mismatches.

- You can now drop weapons using /drop or binding a key from the settings menu.

- Fixed issue where instagib would revert off in trepidation gametype.

- Fixed issue where powerups wouldn't show up in arsenal correctly if instagib was set to 1.

- Fixed issue where new buildable items are announced more than once.

- Fixed issue where player remains immobilized after team scores and buildables are destroyed.

- Water on some ef maps now shows up correctly.

- fixed reference to default.cfg in engine, should be trepidation.cfg

- Added some of the new settings to the default cfg file (trepidation.cfg)

- Added 4 new tracks by DiVinity

- Updated engine defaults
r_stencilbits 8
r_texturebits 32
r_colorbits 32
r_depthbits 32

- Updated trep radiant.

- Fixed issue where deaths where not getting counted correctly when they are self inflicted.

- Changed a handful of defaults in the engine for better looking graphics:
r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 4
r_flares 1
cg_shadows 2
r_detailTextures 1

- Accuracy on scoreboard now shows # of deaths instead.

- Fixed missing model on error screen.

- Cannot join a server running a different version of Trepidation (this would royally screw up the game)

- Client will no longer try to download official game pak files from server.

- Fixed yet another bug where you would remained zoomed after warmup.

- Fixed arsenal and survival grapple settings in single player.

- Turrets and immobilizers are harder to destroy in instagib.

- Fixed ctf sample server configurations.

- Changed various text referring to the old (still working) website url.

- Changed DM to FFA to reflect free for all wording.


The  Game Modes  included are :

A Team based game where the object is to destroy the other team’s power core Various defensive structures can be built to protect your base and achieve your goal. While this game employs strategy it is extremely fast paced and teamwork is a must.

You see them, you kill them.

Team Deathmatch:
Same as Deathmatch but your not solo.

Classic capture the flag action with the ability to build gun turrets (if enabled) to help defend your base.

A last man standing game mode similar to Elite Force’s Gladiator.

You get some select weapons, don’t lose them or your out.

For more details on the game-types see the Quick Start Guide.

The game will have ports for *nix, *BSD, Win32 and possibly an OSX port. OpenAL will be used for sound. Surround sound supported. AVI video capture of demos, Ogg Vorbis & MP3 support. Much improved QVM tools and a well documented SDK for mod authors. MinGW compilation support on Windows and cross-compilation on Linux, which is already included in the IOQ3 Project.