Introducing Trepidation

Trepidation A First Person Shooter Based On The Q3 Engine Trepidation is an open-source first-person shooter based on the IOQuake3 engine. Trepidation was a project originally conceived on April 9, 2006, with the intent to build a free first-person shooter with a sci-fi theme. The idea was initially developed by members of the Star Trek Elite Force gaming community. The project disbanded before the game was complete sometime in 2008 but is currently back in development. We aim to have a game that runs well even on older machines that is fast-paced and fun to play.

The game includes:

New GameTypes Trepidation introduces several new game types as well as some 'oldies but goodies.' Current game types include Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Tourney, Capture The Flag, Survival (A last man standing game), Arsenal; A game where the object is not to run out of weapons and the Trepidation game type, a team-based game with buildable objects where the object is not to let the other team destroy your Master Controller/Reactor (See the Wiki for Details). Most game types have an instagib option.

Trepidation will introduce new aspects to the physics of the Q3 engine. The new physics are geared towards trick jumping with weapons and high-speed jumping. Trepidation will also include an improved 'unlagged' network code based on unlagged 2.0 but more finely tuned to the new physics present. The project will utilize a modified version of the GPL dpmaster for the 'master' server code base.

Trepidation Weapons Demo 2011 from Brian Shaffer on Vimeo.

Latest News

05-23-2023: Video Released

The single-player campaign is in the works, the 1st chapter defines the entire game, and a production house out of Dayton, OH put together the cinematics for the first chapter. Be sure to have a look.

02-27-2023: It Continues...

Development is well underway for v0.0.30. You will be surprised!