Planned Features For Next Release

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At the present time the Trepidation team is only releasing development builds and daily snapshots. The planned features here refer to the next development build.

The idea to have set development build releases is to minimize fragmentation of servers running. Servers should only be running Development Build Releases. You should not run server with a daily snapshot, only with a released development build release.

This list is by no means complete and some of the items here may not make it into the next release. Some items may already exist in nightly snapshots.

Planned For Next Development Build Release

  • Significant Weapon Balance Improvements. (in progress)
  • Flame thrower primary fire rewritten.
  • More compatibility with 3rd party Quake 3 and Elite Force Maps (yes, much more .. done)
  • Server Admins can disable Devastator in all game modes.
  • Multijump features
  • Instagib Jumping
  • UI Improvements
  • New Weapon
  • Freeze Gametype
  • Quicker Grapple