List Of Trepidation Levels

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The maps that are included with trepidation are:

Free For All Maps

  • Area52
  • Citidel
  • Dystopia
  • Outpost
  • Trep_War_Ring
  • Station144
  • Hangar19
  • oa_rpg3dm2

Capture The Flag Maps

  • CTF_Aversion
  • CTF_Battlefield
  • CTF_ConflictZone
  • CTF_Junction
  • CTF_OpposingForts
  • CTF_Pyramide
  • CTF_Pyramide2
  • CTF_Trepxus
  • Dread
  • Acid

Test Maps

These maps aren't particularly playable. These are simply for testing.

  • gravtest - Test map for localized gravity.
  • liquid_test - Testing liquid shaders.
  • glass_test - Test for breakables.

Other Maps From The Trepidation Team

There are a handful of maps by the Trepidation team that aren't in the standard distribution they are available from the trepidation site as a separate download.

  • ArtGallery
  • Lilbuteroom