Map Compatibility Layer for Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

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Map Compatibility Layer for Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

Trepidation now supports maps originally made for Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Many maps have been tested and work perfectly. However many maps may have missing textures, shaders, etc due to using stock artwork from the game in question. In some cases there may be an alternate in Trepidation however missing textures is a common issue with map compatibility across games.

Weapon Match Ups:

Here is how the weapons and ammo match up to trepidation for Quake 3 and Elite Force

Trepidation // Quake 3 // Elite Force

Gauntlet // Gauntlet // Phaser

LFO Rifle // Machine Gun // Stasis Weapon

Shotgun // Shotgun // Scavenger Rifle

Grenade Launcher // Grenade Launcher // Grenade Launcher

Singularity Cannon // Rocket Launcher // Quantum Burst

Flame Thrower // Lightning Gun // Imod

M42 Gauss Rifle // Rail Gun // compression Rifle

Gata Gun // Plasma Gun // Tetrion Disruptor

Devastator // BFG // Arc Welder

Known Issues:


Trepidation - Does Support Ladders and Bots can Traverse them

Quake 3 - Did not support Ladders, Jumppads where used instead

STVEF - Does support ladders, Bots cannot traverse them, however ladders are done quite differently in Trepidation, therefore you will not be able to traverse ladders on maps made for elite force.


Trepidation had mp3 support for a moment and decided to remove it due to licensing of the mp3 format. Trepidation currently supports .wav and .ogg (.ogg is the preference). Star Trek Voyager Maps that contain custom music or sounds in mp3 format are not supported.


Quake 3 Did not support breakable items, however Star Trek Voyager Elite Force did. Glass in many cases will work fine in Elite Force, however other breakable items have shown to come up transparent and unbreakable, a good example of this is the hidden powerups inside the coffins on the EF map called heretic.