Trepidation Development Build 12-19-2011 (Linux)

What's New:

- Many maps touched up and various fixed.
- Map: CTF_TREPXUS by Gigon
- Map: ART GALLERY by Laz
- Mappers can now specify areas of the map to have a different speed

or gravity.
- Lots of Bugs Fixed.
- New 2 Step Grenade Launcher, Press fire to launch it, fire again

to blow up the grenade.
- New radar scope.
- A whole lot of new music from Divinity.
- Offline Play has been completely rewritten. You can play any

gametype you like now offline.
- More bugs fixed than I can list
- And so much more that I'm just not thinking of.

The trepidation manual page has also been updated.


License: GNU General Public License (GPL) (v. 1.0)

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