Radiant Tools For Trepidation


This version puts everything into the folder Mapping.
Installation is easy this time.

THIS ONLY WORKS for Radiant version 1.2.13 and 1.4.

This DOES NOT have core files such as the program itself. Go to to download the core files.

For this to work, you MUST have Trepidation in "C:\ProgramFiles\Trepidation"
And GTKRadiant in default folders.

Place in "GtkRadiant-1.4/games".

Move entire Mapping folder to the Trepidation main folder, not base.

You'll have to copy textures over from base folder to be able to use them.

All media is now in the folder Mapping.
If you want to add scripts or textures, simply go into the Mapping
subfolder in your Trepidation main folder and add your files.

To play the map you just created, move it into a maps folder in your
base folder. Or you can put it in a pk3.

If you are having any problems, post them at


License: GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) (v. 1.2)

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