Dev Team

Shafe, VincentK

Squiciene, Scott Hanke, Petee, Gigon, Gigabyte123, Laz, Dr. Preston, Xovan, [FC]Pope John Paul III
Hi Res Q3 Texture Pack: Paul Marhsall (aka Kpax, Paulo), Skarekrow


3d Art:
Petee, DrAkOn, Gigon, Gigabyte123, LD Ash & Violation Entertainment


Pre-Production / Quality Assurance
Skylar Shaffer


Level Design
Skarekrow, Squiciene, Xovan, Petee, DrAkOn, Gigon, Gigabyte123, Laz

Sound Design / Soundtrack


Sound Design / Voice / Sound Engineering
Dave Cunningham (Sir Ender)


Title Music
Chris Begg


Trepidation Test Team:
Blue, Frago, menziep, Prodie, unknownWHORE!!!!, [ADF]Dredge, [EVIL]*L^a^Z, [EVIL]^Camper, [FC]Tuvok


Other Contributors
A few models where donated by LD Ash, some we are using as placeholders for the moment and a few will become permanant fixtures in Trepidation. Be sure to check out his site @

[FC]Pope John Paul III – UI Graphics

The Open Arena Project – For the friendly attitude and actually taking on such a big project

The Tremulous Project – For a lot of inspiration and pulling together a great game.

Code3Arena – For a lot of help and some good pointers.

Thilo Shultz – For working on the iostvoyhm project offering Mp3 support and other assorted goodies.

Neil Toronto – For Unlagged 2.0 for which much of the new network code is based.