This reflects the dev team in 2007.

Project Lead / Programmer

Location: Oregon, USA

GFX / Level Design

Models / GFX / Level Design

Level Design / Models


GFX / Level Design

Sound Design / Soundtrack
Location: Austria

Sound Design / Voice / Sound Engineering
Dave Cunningham (Sir Ender)
Location: Michigan, USA

Title Music
Chris Begg

Other Contributors :
Dr Preston, DrAkOn (GFX Models)

Trepidation Test Team:
Blue, Frago, menziep, Prodie, unknownWHORE!!!!, [ADF]Dredge, [EVIL]*L^a^Z, [EVIL]^Camper, [FC]Tuvok

Other Contributors
A few models where donated by LD Ash, some we are using as placeholders for the moment and a few will become permanant fixtures in Trepidation. Be sure to check out his site @
[FC]Pope John Paul III – UI Graphics
The Open Arena Project – For the friendly attitude and actually taking on such a big project
The Tremulous Project – For a lot of inspiration and pulling together a great game.
Code3Arena – For a lot of help and some good pointers.
Thilo Shultz – For working on the iostvoyhm project offering Mp3 support and other assorted goodies.
Neil Toronto – For Unlagged 2.0 for which much of the new network code is based.

We’re always looking for good talent and good feeback. If your interested in providing either, hop on our forums.