Development / Releases · May 25, 2017 0

05-25-2017 Development Build Now Available

This dev build focuses a lot on the Trepidation Game Type as well as quite a few bugfixes.
The full changelog is below.

Get it here.


Game Highlights:
– 17 multiplayer levels (maps).
– Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Map Compatability.
– An original soundtrack featuring 10 original tracks.
– 7 Game Modes.
– In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP)
– All New Weapons
– Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes.
– Build defensive Gun Turrets in capture the flag.
– Random Map Rotations
– New features for Mappers.


– New One 4 All Gametype in Single Player Mode.

– Bots can now, somewhat decently, play the Trepidation gametype.

– Now Compatable with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.

– Flame Thrower Primary Fire completely rewritten.

– New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.

– Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.

– Random Map Rotations

– Server admins, setup simple file based map rotations.

– Lots of bugfixes
Trepidation Changelog – Most Recent Changes First

– Disabled grapple in Single player ctf config (can alter it through console)

– Bots will build turrets on ctf games.

– LFO Rifle will get through battlesuite causing half the normal damage.

– fixed incorrect filename in windows ded-server.bat file.

– weapons not listed in correct order on game controls screen – fixed

– Added one4all server config/ added g_suddendeath cvar to sample config files.

– New cvar g_suddendeath to enable/disable sudden death. Default is 1 (enabled).

– Sudden Death (score is tied) now works in trepidation gametype.

– Major security fix to engine, remote dll exploit fix.

– One 4 All is now displayed instead of a 0 on game loading screen.

– One 4 All Game Added to single Player Menu.

– Fixed issue where if you place a power core in a spot where it cannot be placed, the other team no longer gets a point.

– Basic Turret looks way better now, but not great.

– Master server now compiles on newer verision of visual studio.

– Lots of variable tweaks to Trepidation game type, still fine tuning.

– Bots are now less drawn to the LFO Rifle and will actually use the gauntlet.

– com_hunkmegs now defaults to 128mb.

– Tweaked SP Trepidation config settings yet again.

– Fixed: Characteristic 34 is not initialized with angrynerdbot errors

– New Windows and Linux Binarys (still need to rememebr to recompile 64bit binaries).

– Out Of Level Items error on CTF_TREPXUS no longer spams the console.

– Lowered the health on the Power Core almost by half.

– Bots now actually play Trepidation significantly better

– Tweaked some of the defaults for single player trepidation gametype.

– The bots Now actually build stuff in trepidation gametype

– Did some housekeeping with default config files, As well as the game media stuff. Still quite a mess.

– Added a mapfile into gpl pk3 file, officialmaps.cfg.

– GH#108 Server List favorites Delete button moved so it is no longer in the middle of the screen.

– Minor edits to chatstrings for angrynerd botfile.

– Added sample configurations for random map rotations and “easy” map rotations.

– Removed sarge folder that was creating an invisible player error if selected

– Fixed issue where weapon would not auto switch when out of ammo firing with alt fire.

– If you are zooming with m42 when warmup ends, you are stuck zoomed – fixed