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Trepidation 12-08-2016 Dev Build Available

All Servers have been updated:

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Game Highlights:
– 17 multiplayer levels (maps).
– Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Map Compatability.
– An original soundtrack featuring 10 original tracks.
– 7 Game Modes.
– In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP)
– All New Weapons
– Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes.
– Build defensive Gun Turrets in capture the flag.
– Random Map Rotations
– New features for Mappers.


– Now Compatible with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.

– Flame Thrower Primary Fire completely rewritten.

– New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.

– Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.

– Random Map Rotations

– Server admins, setup simple file based map rotations.

– Lots of bugfixes
Trepidation Changelog – Most Recent Changes First
– New linux binaries

– added g_allowDevastator, when set to 0 Devastator and it’s ammo are replaced on maps with singularity cannon.

– Grapple can be used in CTF games now, it is now controlled by the g_allowgrapple cvar.

– Removed choose class from ingame menu as it was never implemented.

– Ammo box Models removed from pk3

– Ammo on hud is now an icon to match the pickup, not a model.

– Sample Server cfgs now default to sv_pure “1”

– Fixed damage on gata gun, was reversed primary/alt fire.

– Shotgun damage adjusted

– Attempting to make adjustments to AL support to fix music stutter

– Added Grapple option to offline and server menu.

– Added Instagib option to offline and server menu.

– Fixed type-o in server browser

– added g_allowGrapple to enable/disable grapple hook.

– Fixed single people ffa match so that the first map is random.

– Grapple is much more responsive.

– Bots no longer get the jetpack on showdown, as they kinda stink at it.

– Reduced new flame thrower damage.

– Fixed issue where missing player models made player invisible. Now goes to default model.

– Server browser: Adjusted server hostname size so you can see more of the name, got rid of the old pb
yes/no and also removed the udp/tcp column.

– Adjusted the max ammo on shotgun to 20, it was 60 which is way to high.

– Added an opening video – just a placeholder for now.

– More adjustment on the bots.

– Cleaning up more duplicate media in the pk3 files.

– New flag icons.

– Swapped gata alt and primary fire modes.. Just because

– Adjusted starting and max ammo on new flame thrower code

– All ammo pickups are icons, not wonderful, but better than the placeholder models.
cg_simpleitems -1 disables this.

– Started rewrite of flame thrower.

– Replaced Gauss Rifle Shotgun and Quad Damage Sounds

– Replaced a lot of sprites and icons, much cleaner now.

– Fixing ctf_aversion again.

– Removed some duplicate media in pk3 files.

– Made some adjustments for max ammo values, many where way too high.

– Fixed max ammo on weapons after screwing it up with the weapon re-order

Dev Build 11-24-2016

– setup g_easymap for file driven map rotations.

– Fixed netchan error causing server crashes.

– Updated protocol so the old mac binaries will work since we have no way of making new ones.

– Built new DLLS with modern versions of vorbis, and SDL1.

– Scoreboard/Podium Model is no longer broken

– fixed up zoom functions and bugs

– Less weight on Guass Rifle for all bots.

– Reordered Weapons. Makes way more sense, now in the order of power 1 through 9.

– Fixed issue where bots where being added/removed during arsenal and survival, likely causing the crashes we’ve seen with the recursive error.

– Fixed issue where round number wasn’t resetting when using /randmap

– Added bot support for the fixed version of ctf_aversion.

– Changed many missing sound filenames from wav to ogg in client game code.

– Updated chat sound

– Non Players can no longer go on killing sprees (i.e. world, turrets, etc.)

– Think I nailed the out of ammo issue with guantlet

– Fixed issue where if you zoomed on warmup you get stuck zoomed forever. // Nope still a bug

– fix issue with powerups not getting pre-registered on arsenal and survival causing the broken model thing when powerups are dropped

– Added the ability to specify g_NumRounds for survival so that each map can have multiple rounds (Scoring needs some work).

– Added Linux 64 bit binaries.

– Devastator and Gauntlet will get handed out less in Survival and One4All

11-12-2016 BUILD

– New map by gigon station144

– Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Maps now work and spawn items! Some may be missing textures from the original game though.

– Fixed autochangemap bug.

– In arsenal when random weapon selection is active the devastator shows up less.

– Alt Shotgun is now pdg

– Gata Gun Alt Now Fires straight and doesn’t bounce.

– Added some better random spread for gata gun primary.

– Fixed several missing sounds. still more to make

– Converted several wavs to ogg.

– Implemented g_autochangemap

– Implemented g_regenhealth/g_regenammo

– Fixed hangar19 screenshot

– fixed issue when no map was found on random rotation.

– Fixed missing taunt sounds on bots.

– Updated bot chat strings.

– I think I fixed the random map repeating bug

– Did some fine tuning to devastator for weapon balance.

– Did some fine tuning to flame thrower for weapon balance.

– Fixed bots, there are more bots available for matches.

– fixed bot chatting on single player.

– Implemented Multijumping controlled by the g_MuliJumps cvar (Not working)

– Added new single player menu.

– LFO Rifle can penetrate battlesuite at half damage. (This may change in the future)

– decreased accuracy of alt singularity cannon.

– added g_StartRandom so that the server will pick the set of weapons on arsenal randomly.

– added g_randommap for randomized map rotations which uses a map file specified with g_mapfile.

– added new gamemode g_GameMode 4 is the new one4all gametype.

– added g_MaxTurrets so that server admins can set the maximum allowed turrets on ctf games (default is now 3 – was 5)

– Fixes to various config files

– Fixed arenas.txt so that maps show up correctly on offline menus.

– Added in g_ReverseCTF cvar if enabled in capture the flag games, you spawn in the enemy base, which makes for interesting gameplay

– Battlesuite power up now fully protects you

– Turrets can no longer go on a killing spree

– new cvars for Guass rifle jumping in instagib mode (Not working yet)
g_GuassJump <b>
If set to 1 allows you to rocket jump with the Guass Rifle in instagib mode

g_GuassKnockBack <#>
if g_GuassJump is set to 1, this will effect how high you can jump.

g_GuassSelfDamage <b>
if g_GuassJump is set to 1, setting this to 0 will dis-allow self damage from the rifle jump.

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