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11-12-2016 Development Build Available

We are happy to announce a new development build of trepidation. Our test servers are currently running this development build. Here is what is new.

Download it now (147mb)



  • Now Compatible with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.
  • New Map, station144 By Gigon
  • New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.
  • Updated weapons.
  • Working Bots
  • Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.
  • Random Map Rotations
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Lots of Missing Sounds or misnamed sounds fixed or created.

Detailed Trepidation Changelog – Most Recent Changes First

– New map by gigon station144

– Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Maps now work and spawn items! Some may be missing textures from

the original game though.

– Fixed autochangemap bug.

– In arsenal when random weapon selection is active the devastator shows up less.

– Alt Shotgun is now pdg

– Gata Gun Alt Now Fires straight and doesn’t bounce.

– Added some better random spread for gata gun primary.

– Fixed several missing sounds. still more to make

– Converted several wavs to ogg.

– Implemented g_autochangemap

– Implemented g_regenhealth/g_regenammo

– Fixed hangar19 screenshot

– fixed issue when no map was found on random rotation.

– Fixed missing taunt sounds on bots.

– Updated bot chat strings.

– I think I fixed the random map repeating bug

– Did some fine tuning to devastator for weapon balance.

– Did some fine tuning to flame thrower for weapon balance.

– Fixed bots, there are more bots available for matches.

– fixed bot chatting on single player.

– Implemented Multijumping controlled by the g_MuliJumps cvar (Not working)

– Added new single player menu.

– LFO Rifle can penetrate battlesuite at half damage. (This may change in the future)

– decreased accuracy of alt singularity cannon.

– added g_StartRandom so that the server will pick the set of weapons on arsenal randomly.

– added g_randommap for randomized map rotations which uses a map file specified with g_mapfile.

– added new gamemode g_GameMode 4 is the new one4all gametype.

– added g_MaxTurrets so that server admins can set the maximum allowed turrets on ctf games

(default is now 3 – was 5)

– Fixes to various config files

– Fixed arenas.txt so that maps show up correctly on offline menus.

– Added in g_ReverseCTF cvar if enabled in capture the flag games, you spawn in the enemy base,

which makes for interesting gameplay

– Battlesuite power up now fully protects you

– Turrets can no longer go on a killing spree