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A lot in the works!

There is a lot in the works as of late.  Here is what to expect in the next Dev Build, this is just the highlights, the full changelog is getting quite large.


  • Now Compatible with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.
  • New Map By Gigon
  • New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.
  • Updated weapons and particular attention to weapons balance.
  • A redesigned single player experience
  • Working Bots
  • Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.
  • Random Map Rotations.
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Lots of Missing Sounds or misnamed sounds fixed or created.

You can find our roadmap here: https://github.com/q3shafe/trepidation/milestones?direction=asc&sort=due_date&state=open

And we are looking for level designers, 3d modellers and MAC help for Mac compiles.  Get in touch if you want to help out!