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Trepidation Dev Build 12-2011 Available

After 4 1/2 years, I’ve finally spent my free time over the last several months building this site and getting Trepidation up to date with modern OSes.  You will find everything looks a lot better and sounds a lot better than previous development builds.   This is mostly a maintenance release, primarily to bring the engine up to date with a newer version of the IOQ3 Engine, as well as clean up a lot of problems that came up in the last dev build in 2007.  All of the master servers are up and running as well as several game servers in a few different datacenters.

– Reverted grenade launcher behaviour back to normal.
– Added in VOIP options to menus.
– Gauss rifle zoom is more responsive.
– LFO Rifle fire is now a soothing green instead of that non-descript white looking color.
– Gauss rifle unzooms when damage is taken and after you fire it.
– Fixed Missing player sounds.
– Replaced the Bot Skill Icons with something more sightly.
– Fixed CTF_AVERSION bot support by reverting it to working copy.
– Updated master server protocol, updated master server site.
– For windows, there is a separate EXE for the dedicated server now.
– 0000135: [Programming] Some Ogg Sounds are cut off. – Fixed (Shafe)
– 0000146: [Sound/Music] Missing sound in OA_RPG3DM2 – Fixed
– 0000139: [Programming] Gun Scope Still Active After Weapon Switch (Shafe) – Fixed
– 0000138: [Programming] Rifle Zoom Glitch (Shafe) – Fixed
– 0000092: [Programming] Bullet holes appear on the surface of the water. (Vincentk) – Fixed
– Due to the wary licensing issues mp3 support has been removed. This should only effect some Elite Force compatability, conversions should be fairly simple.
– Updated default configurations to enabled VOIP support by default as well as a few other needed changes.
– Inter-Quake Model support
– PNG format support for textures
– Anaglyph stereo rendering (for viewing with 3D glasses)
– In-engine VOIP support, with optional Mumble player-location support.
– Added in missing levelshots
– Fixed ctf_pyramide2 issues. Several Of them
– Removed a couple maps that didn’t fit in, they are now separate downloads.
– Fixed Skyboxes on various maps
– SDL and Ogg, Vorbis Windows Support
– updated master servers to working master servers.
– Updated game engine .
– Fixed many missing sounds