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It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile.

I’ve gotten a handful of emails about Trepidation and didn’t even realize a master server was still up and running and that from time to time people play the game. Which brings us to now, about 2 years since I let the planettrepidation.com domain name go. I decided I’d put up a new site with links to the manuals, source code and all of the other 3rd party maps, skins etc.

Along with this I realize that the last development build that was made public in July 2007, was riddled with problems, problems that didn’t exist in previous development builds. I decided to take the time to fix some of these issues and bring the engine up to date with the newest IOQ3 engine source.

Expect to see a new development build available in a few days.

As far as future development, I’m not sure. The original development team has all but disbanded, I’d be willing to put some time on the programming side, but through the life of the project, programming is what we had a lot of, we always needed level designers and 3d modelers. If anyone is interested, I’d be willing to move forward. I think the Trepidation gametype is still a lot of fun.

Anyhow, stay tuned for a new build.