Trepidation Development Build 02-23-2017 (Windows/Linux/Mac)


This update focuses on weapon balace, audio and visual issue fixes.

If your installing over an older copy.. which ISNT recommended! You should clear out your base folder of **ALL** pk3's. If the old ones remain, you'll have all sorts of problems.

Also, dont copy over your config file, set it up from scratch, things have changed and you WILL have problems.

Another Good Idea is to turn your downloads on. The test servers are setup to download very
quickly via http from if there is a file you need. So yeah, turn your
downloads on :)

Game Highlights:
- 17 multiplayer levels (maps).
- Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Map Compatability.
- An original soundtrack featuring 10 original tracks.
- 7 Game Modes.
- In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP)
- All New Weapons
- Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes.
- Build defensive Gun Turrets in capture the flag.
- Random Map Rotations
- New features for Mappers.


- Now Compatable with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.

- Flame Thrower Primary Fire completely rewritten.

- New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.

- Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.

- Random Map Rotations

- Server admins, setup simple file based map rotations.

- Lots of bugfixes

Trepidation Changelog - Most Recent Changes First
- New linux binaries

- added g_allowDevastator, when set to 0 Devastator and it's ammo are replaced on maps with singularity cannon.

- Grapple can be used in CTF games now, it is now controlled by the g_allowgrapple cvar.

- Removed choose class from ingame menu as it was never implemented.

- Ammo box Models removed from pk3

- Ammo on hud is now an icon to match the pickup, not a model.

- Sample Server cfgs now default to sv_pure "1"

- Fixed damage on gata gun, was reversed primary/alt fire.

- Shotgun damage adjusted

- Attempting to make adjustments to AL support to fix music stutter

- Added Grapple option to offline and server menu.

- Added Instagib option to offline and server menu.

- Fixed type-o in server browser

- added g_allowGrapple to enable/disable grapple hook.

- Fixed single people ffa match so that the first map is random.

- Grapple is much more responsive.

- Bots no longer get the jetpack on showdown, as they kinda stink at it.

- Reduced new flame thrower damage.

- Fixed issue where missing player models made player invisible. Now goes to default model.

- Server browser: Adjusted server hostname size so you can see more of the name, got rid of the old pb
yes/no and also removed the udp/tcp column.

- Adjusted the max ammo on shotgun to 20, it was 60 which is way to high.

- Added an opening video - just a placeholder for now.

- More adjustment on the bots.

- Cleaning up more duplicate media in the pk3 files.

- New flag icons.

- Swapped gata alt and primary fire modes.. Just because

- Adjusted starting and max ammo on new flame thrower code

- All ammo pickups are icons, not wonderful, but better than the placeholder models.
cg_simpleitems -1 disables this.

- Started rewrite of flame thrower.

- Replaced Gauss Rifle Shotgun and Quad Damage Sounds

- Replaced a lot of sprites and icons, much cleaner now.

- Fixing ctf_aversion again.

- Removed some duplicate media in pk3 files.

- Made some adjustments for max ammo values, many where way too high.

- Fixed max ammo on weapons after screwing it up with the weapon re-order

Dev Build 11-24-2016

- setup g_easymap for file driven map rotations.

- Fixed netchan error causing server crashes.

- Updated protocol so the old mac binaries will work since we have no way of making new ones.

- Built new DLLS with modern versions of vorbis, and SDL1.

- Scoreboard/Podium Model is no longer broken

- fixed up zoom functions and bugs

- Less weight on Guass Rifle for all bots.

- Reordered Weapons. Makes way more sense, now in the order of power 1 through 9.

- Fixed issue where bots where being added/removed during arsenal and survival, likely causing the crashes we've seen with the recursive error.

- Fixed issue where round number wasn't resetting when using /randmap

- Added bot support for the fixed version of ctf_aversion.

- Changed many missing sound filenames from wav to ogg in client game code.

- Updated chat sound

- Non Players can no longer go on killing sprees (i.e. world, turrets, etc.)

- Think I nailed the out of ammo issue with guantlet

- Fixed issue where if you zoomed on warmup you get stuck zoomed forever. // Nope still a bug

- fix issue with powerups not getting pre-registered on arsenal and survival causing the broken model thing when powerups are dropped

- Added the ability to specify g_NumRounds for survival so that each map can have multiple rounds (Scoring needs some work).

- Added Linux 64 bit binaries.

- Devastator and Gauntlet will get handed out less in Survival and One4All

11-12-2016 BUILD

- New map by gigon station144

- Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Maps now work and spawn items! Some may be missing textures from the original game though.

- Fixed autochangemap bug.

- In arsenal when random weapon selection is active the devastator shows up less.

- Alt Shotgun is now pdg

- Gata Gun Alt Now Fires straight and doesn't bounce.

- Added some better random spread for gata gun primary.

- Fixed several missing sounds. still more to make

- Converted several wavs to ogg.

- Implemented g_autochangemap

- Implemented g_regenhealth/g_regenammo

- Fixed hangar19 screenshot

- fixed issue when no map was found on random rotation.

- Fixed missing taunt sounds on bots.

- Updated bot chat strings.

- I think I fixed the random map repeating bug

- Did some fine tuning to devastator for weapon balance.

- Did some fine tuning to flame thrower for weapon balance.

- Fixed bots, there are more bots available for matches.

- fixed bot chatting on single player.

- Implemented Multijumping controlled by the g_MuliJumps cvar (Not working)

- Added new single player menu.

- LFO Rifle can penetrate battlesuite at half damage. (This may change in the future)

- decreased accuracy of alt singularity cannon.

- added g_StartRandom so that the server will pick the set of weapons on arsenal randomly.

- added g_randommap for randomized map rotations which uses a map file specified with g_mapfile.

- added new gamemode g_GameMode 4 is the new one4all gametype.

- added g_MaxTurrets so that server admins can set the maximum allowed turrets on ctf games (default is now 3 - was 5)

- Fixes to various config files

- Fixed arenas.txt so that maps show up correctly on offline menus.

- Added in g_ReverseCTF cvar if enabled in capture the flag games, you spawn in the enemy base, which makes for interesting gameplay

- Battlesuite power up now fully protects you

- Turrets can no longer go on a killing spree

- new cvars for Guass rifle jumping in instagib mode (Not working yet)
g_GuassJump <b>
If set to 1 allows you to rocket jump with the Guass Rifle in instagib mode

g_GuassKnockBack <#>
if g_GuassJump is set to 1, this will effect how high you can jump.

g_GuassSelfDamage <b>
if g_GuassJump is set to 1, setting this to 0 will dis-allow self damage from the rifle jump.


License: GNU Free Documentation License (FDL) (v. 1.2)

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